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Our 2018 Vision Statement
“To make young Christian disciples that impact the world”

Helping Teens and Families know Jesus

IMPACT Student Ministry is purposefully targeted towards Middle and High School students in the Venice/Nokomis area.  Our mission is for every teen and pre-teen in our community to be growing stronger in their faith with Jesus.  We have a youth service every Sunday evening from 6-7:30pm that is fun, challenging, and contributes to their spiritual growth.

Throughout the year we also do mission trips, retreats, camps, and service projects to assist in our growth and put our faith to play. We also do things that are fun and are easy to invite new friends to join.

3 Ways to Connect

1. Text: If you are a teen, text YOUTH to 813-753-9654
If you are a parent, text PARENT to 813-753-9654

2. Sign up to receive emails with information and resources

3. Check out the official Bay Point Youth Facebook Page!


Mark your calendars now!

This summer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is hosting a leadership camp for high school and middle school students. The dates of the camp are JULY 9th-13th and the camp takes place at South Eastern University in Lakeland, FL.

The total cost of this one week camp is $100 and includes lodging, food, and programming. YOU CAN’T BEAT $100 FOR A WEEK OF CAMP. You do not have to be Christian or Athlete to go. Bay Point Church will be taking a bus, so please RSVP asap.

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